Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Come, Follow Me." -Jesus

If a man, you maybe only heard of or saw a few times, walked up to you at work and said, "Come, follow me!"...would you drop everything you were doing and follow him?

After reading in Matthew 4, I find myself trying to put myself in the story. Simon, Peter (Andrew), James, & John did just that. (Matthew 4:18-22). It says Simon & Peter were casting their nets, getting ready to make their catch of the day. This was what they did as a living to help support their families. And up walks Jesus, who had just began teaching, and said, "Follow me." I can't help but wonder what their families must have thought. They must have been so dedicated to God and so close to Him that they trusted Him enough to drop their work and follow His Son.  The same could be said of James & John. I wonder what emotions their father went through as he saw his sons rise from helping him with the nets, to follow this man. Who was he? Had they already heard Him teach in the streets? I can just imagine them all sitting there on their boat working together, talking & laughing, going about their normal day....and then boom...there's Jesus and says "Come, follow me!". And just like that they did. Did their father sit there dumbfounded that he was left to work the nets alone? Or maybe he sat there with a grin on his face, completely happy & satisfied that they were following the Master. Just some curious thoughts on my part.

But the question still remains; Would you do the same? Are we close enough to God, that we would recognize His voice when He calls to us? Would we recognize Jesus, in an instant, & drop what we were doing if He asked us to "Follow Him?" In one sense, He has done just that. Spiritually when we except Him as our Savior, we drop the old way of living & begin to follow Him. Living a pure & holy life. But do we listen to His call in the physical form of life? Maybe give up something, go visit someone, join a small group at church, preach, teach, sing, etc. Whatever it may be that Christ calls you to do, are you willing to do it? (No matter the cost?)

Just some thoughts. In Sunday school we have been encouraged to try and put ourselves in the shoes of those we read about when studying the Word. I've already done that in the past, but I find myself doing it more. Wondering just what it must have been like to experience those moments first hand.

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