Monday, July 12, 2010

Take My Life and Make it Yours, Lord.

My group study  brought me through parts of 2 Kings & 2 Chronicles this morning. At then end of each day, we are asked about our take aways. Something Old: Something we've heard before but maybe heard in a new way.  Something New: Something we've never heard before. Something To Do/Nugget:  Something we learned that we need to personally do, or maybe just a nugget of Truth that spoke to us.

My something old today was 2 Kings 10:31 "But he did not obey the Law of the Lord with his whole heart..."  We must give God our whole heart to fully follow Him. (In all aspects of our life!) He does not just want a  part of us.  He wants us all!

My something new: 2 Kings 9:22 "How can there be peace when there is idolatry and witchcraft all around us?"  The king in this chapter had asked another "Do  you come in peace?" and that was his reply.  I kind of felt like he was asking for peace from a man of God, when there was sin in his life and all around him.  I think some ppl ask for peace to hide from sin.  They don't seem to really deal with the sin or issue at hand...let's just have peace.  But how can there be true peace?

Something for me to do/my nugget:  Serve the Lord, my God, with my WHOLE heart, not just part of it.  Rev. 3:16 comes to mind. God doesn't want a lukewarm servant. He would rather we be either cold (dead spiritually) or hot (alive in Him and on fire). 

I then proceeded to read Rev. 3: 14-22. God was not only speaking to the Laodicea church, He spoke to me as well.  I encourage you to read this passage. Stop and pray first and ask God to speak to you through His Word.

I've had a lot of thoughts lately geared toward the voice of God and being able to hear Him speak to me (or us).  If we're not in His Word daily, how do expect Him to speak directly to us?  I know that we can pray and that His Holy Spirit can speak to our hearts in the Word or not.  But if we are never personally in His Word, how can we expect to have His guidance in our lives?  Just a thought.  Blessings to you this week. And may God be found first in your life as others watch your life.

Song that came to mind, by Selah: 

"Take my life and make it Yours' Lord.
Fill me with Your love.
You are all I need.
I surrender all of me!"