Thursday, July 14, 2011

Only A Moment.

It only takes one little moment to allow sin to creep in. And in that little moment, life is impacted in a big way.

Only a moment of anger.
Only a moment of lust.
Only a moment of jealousy.
Only a moment of pride.
Only a moment of hate.
Only a moment of lies.
Only a moment of dishonesty.
Only a moment of sin.
That's all it takes to make a difference in one's life. Whether it's yours, or someone elses.

I'd like to share part of a devotion from Lysa TerKeurst today.

“Joseph went after his brothers and found them near Dothan. But they saw him in the distance, and before he reached them, they plotted to kill him.” Genesis 37:17b-18 (NIV)
"Today, there will be a moment. No one will snap a picture of it. It probably won’t make it into the journals of those who journal. Or linger in the thoughts we carry with us to sleep tonight.
It will come.
It will go.
It will slip by seemingly unnoticed. But its affects won’t slip. (God doesn't miss a thing.) They’ll stay. And if fostered, grow to epic proportions.
This moment where something creeps into our heart and pulls our focus from right to wrong. It will be just a hint of distortion. The smallest amount. But a slight and seemingly insignificant amount of skewed thought will take root.
And grow.
Beyond what you can even imagine.
The course of history was changed because a few family members got a little cranky and a little jealous of their brother Joseph. Envy and anger slipped in. Just a hint. But just enough. It doesn't take much.   
Because a few brothers on an ordinary day got a little jealous and allowed anger and envy to slip in.
And the moment it slipped in, the course of history changed.
In a moment.
May we never assume our moments don’t matter. The decisions we make every second of every day matter.
There are no little moments or little sins.
There is a domino affect to it all.
So, I fall hard upon soft grace. I thank God for this realization. I ask Him to make my soul even more sensitive, more aware, more in tune to my constant need for forgiveness.
Though I am weak, I walk in the strength of utter dependence.
And I refuse to beat myself up for mistakes made yesterday. Today is a new day. A new chance to set things going in a different direction.
Joseph’s brothers had years to try and rescue Joseph — find out where he was — help him — set their past mistakes right.
Years. They had years. But they never did set about to turn things around.
Oh sweet sister don’t let today slip by.
Moments matter.
Watch for a moment today where you are given the choice to let anger, envy or something else negative slip in. Recognize it. Refute it. And replace it with God’s spirit of love.
Dear Lord, You made me. You know me. I need Your help where I am weak. Make me aware of any place where I’m off course today. Give me the desire to do what pleases You. I want to do your will. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."