Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look/Design.

I worked hard on taking pictures today for my new header.  It took several tries, but I finally got the picture and look that I was aiming at.  It fits perfectly for the title that I chose.  I've had a lot going on in my life these past several months and that is why the posts on this blog are a hit and miss.  For that, I'm sorry. I hope to pick things back up soon.  But instead of finishing the book "Everyday Angels" (at least for now) I think I'm going to start sharing passages from a Bible Study I am in.  I had hoped to put more scripture thought along with this current book, but it only has a scripture with each chapter instead of each day.  Be in prayer with me as I seek what God would have me share as we grow together in Him.  Hope you enjoy the new design and look.  In Him, Jules

PS. Blog header template was one I bought a month or 2 ago from J.Sprague website.  The pictures were taken by Jules Photography. Color template was selected by me.