Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look/Design.

I worked hard on taking pictures today for my new header.  It took several tries, but I finally got the picture and look that I was aiming at.  It fits perfectly for the title that I chose.  I've had a lot going on in my life these past several months and that is why the posts on this blog are a hit and miss.  For that, I'm sorry. I hope to pick things back up soon.  But instead of finishing the book "Everyday Angels" (at least for now) I think I'm going to start sharing passages from a Bible Study I am in.  I had hoped to put more scripture thought along with this current book, but it only has a scripture with each chapter instead of each day.  Be in prayer with me as I seek what God would have me share as we grow together in Him.  Hope you enjoy the new design and look.  In Him, Jules

PS. Blog header template was one I bought a month or 2 ago from J.Sprague website.  The pictures were taken by Jules Photography. Color template was selected by me. 


  1. I love the red and the header. It is perfect. Did you take the header picture. If you did you should share it on Tea time Tuesday. Yes, you did take it because that is your cup! Beautiful. I love the Bible with the cup.

  2. Yes, I took the picture, just this afternoon too. That's my Bible and teacup from PEI. It took several shots, but I finally captured was I was aiming for. Glad you like it! :o)


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