Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chapter 3- Be An Everyday Angel to Your Spouse.

Continueing on in our book "Every Day Angels" by Karon Phillips Goodman.  B/c this 3rd chapter gives so many examples on ways to be an every day angel to your spouse, I am just going to post just enough for a five day week before posting more next week.  Don't be shy, give it a try!  (Hey, I rhymned!)  :o)  Perhapes for the weekend, you can be creative on your own. 

In this hurry up world, the person we're closest to is sometimes the easiest one to forget.  When that happens, it's a loss for both you and your spose.  take a few minutes each day to grasp the angel opportunitites your marriage presents, and you'll both be blessed.
The suggestions here are simple.  few require much time or money.  All of them are worthwhile.  your own unique situation may offer many opportunities not listed here.  Whatever you do, seize the moment, and be an everyday angel to your spouse.
1. Put a short note in your spouse's lunch bag or briefcase.  It doesn't have to be long or involved.  A simple "I love you, and I appreciate you" is priceless.
2. When you see your spouse getting ready for a special evening, take the time to say, "You look great!"  Give your undivided attention for just a mement--really watching him with a look that says, "I noticed you.  I'm proud of you."  It'll do wonders.
3. If you're independently wealthy, this suggestion may not apply to you!  If not...think of what your spouse wants but can't afford--that big something that he talks about all the time, even if it takes months.  When you've got the money saved, surprise him.  Your love and thoughtfulness will mean more than the item itself.
4. Before a special show or the big game, clean the television screen.
5. Wash and clean out your spouse's car.  Empty all the trash, wash the floor mats, clean the windows.  Leave a favorite piece of candy in the console. 


  1. I have really been trying to work on these first five sinc I posted this. Numbers 1-3 all get a check. Number 4...we never have a party or anything...but I did dust it today, does that count? LOL. And number 5 didn't get done b/c they day I was going to do it, it rained. Then on a different day I was going out to do while I thought he was doing something else...and that's right, you guessed it, he was already doing it! Bless his heart. But I will say this for number 1, he seemed to really appreciate it. I've done a few times since this post. I'll have to keep doing it once a week or so.

  2. I love the red and the header. It is perfect. Did you take the header picture. If you did you should share it on Tea time Tuesday. Yes, you did take it because that is your cup! Beautiful. I love the Bible with the cup.

  3. Yes, I took the picture, just this afternoon too. That's my Bible and teacup from PEI. It took several shots, but I finally captured was I was aiming for. Glad you like it! :o)


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