Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I didn't come back and elaborate on that verse, or thought, but they have stuck with me like glue over the past week. God has spoken to me time and time again on that verse from John 14:1. I have dwelled much on that scripture and on Philippians 4:11. Learning to be content in my trials, not just during the good times in my life. Did you know that you can be content during your trials and struggles? We are encouraged to draw closer to God during these times. Our pastor said, "Don't let the troubles and hurts in your life make you turn away from God. Let them bring you closer to Him." Very good thought. Sometimes we find ourselves so hurt over things, that we tend to push God out of the picture. But we need to remember that God created us to be more conquers! He made us to be winners!

This is what I've thought on over the past week:

John 14:1- Don't let my heart be troubled. Trust God.
Philippians 4:11- Be content, even in my trials. God will take care of me.
Romans 8:28- Know that all things work together for my good when I love God & keep trusting Him. He is more than capable to take care of me even if & when I don't see or understand the whole process.

This morning's thoughts from our Word Study was:

Psalms 10:17-Psalms 11:2- “In the LORD I take refuge. ‘How then can you say to me: ‘Flee like a bird to your mountain.’” Word of advice from Word Study: "Don’t allow my enemies or the enemy have the satisfaction of seeing me shake, shutter, or show grief over the trial or testing I face.  With a strong faith in and my Mighty God I don’t have to shake, shutter, or show grief.  Victory is mine because He was and is victorious!!!"

Which made think of this:

Psalms 27- The Lord is my strength. I can be confident in all areas of my life b/c God is always with me. He is my fortress. My Light. Who shall I be afraid of? Whom shall I fear? Victory is mine! :)

Happy & Blessed Wednesday to you!

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