Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Good afternoon ladies!  I hope after 2 major holidays and then bringing in the New Year, that you are well rested and getting back to a "normal" schedule.  (Whatever you consider normal anyway.)  As you may or may not remember, our last chapter was back in Oct. and then I "passed out" some homework regarding it. 

Since it has been so long since our last chapter, I would like to encourage you to go back to the site and re-read it as a refresher.  Look over the homework and see if you remember doing it.  If not, think about doing it again this week.  I would then like you to come back to this post and leave me/us a comment about your thoughts regarding Chapter 1 and maybe even how the homework asignment made you feel. 

I would like to pick back up with Chapter 2 next week.  It will show us "How to be an Everday Angel" to those around us.

Until then, I want to leave you with this thought that is on my mind today.  If God called you to leave where you are now and go some place else, would you follow His call? The scripture that brought this thought on was Gen. 12:1-4.  Abram obeyed God at the age of 75 and left all that he knew.  Why?  B/c he knew following God's call was more important to him than any ties that he left behind.  What is God calling you to do, and will you obey, no matter the cost?


  1. Ok, I am ready. I have went back and refreshed my self on lesson 1. I will try to be an "angel" more often and report back next week. You may have to remind me as tax season is upon me besides regular work. Love you.

  2. Ok ladies as in baseball, let's hear some chatter. Good of course!

  3. Yes, I'm hopping and praying to see more chatter on here. I have to admit I get discouraged sometimes when I see no one has responded. But for all I know you're having computer problems. And I know life can get busy. But please, take some time out and let's commune together. :o)


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